ABC GNT People Tony Mott talks to George Negus in the studio. 8th June, 2004

Cnet Exposure Pro: Tony Mott By Lexy Savvides January 13, 2011
Exposure Pro is a series looking at the work of leading professional and artistic photographers.

'Shooting Stars' Sunrise Video Interview

26 September, 2011 3:46PM ACST Guestroom - Rock photographer Tony Mott By Kate O'Toole and Miranda Tetlow

Big Day Out Retrospective by Vimeo / Max TV by Mart Gallery

ABC Conversations - Richard Fidler interview.

ABC Rage - Saturday, 11 December 2010

Looking back through the lens NewsOnABC on Apr 8, 2011 ABC News 24's The World presenter Scott Bevan speaks with photographer Tony Mott about his three decades of snapping rock stars and far-flung places

Australian rock photographer Tony Mott AUTHOR: John Raptis

Boudist - Interview with Tony Mott

Fasterlouder interview with Tony Mott - Tony Mott Rock Photographer

My Nikon Life

The Weekly Review It’s only rock’n’roll - 19-5-2011 Sarah Marinos

Mess and Noise - From The Pits To The Page - Down a crackly Skype phoneline, Sydney photographer DANIEL BOUD talks to Tony Mott about 25 years of iconic rock’n’roll photography.

A rare look at the world of rock - Print - Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Broadcast: 04/11/2010 - Reporter: Conor Duffy

Broadsheet Melbourne - Rock 'n' Roll is the New Trainspotting - Australian photographer Tony Mott launches his book documenting the blood, sweat and tears shed by an incredible stage of musicians. - By Harriet Dwyer, 1st November 2010

22 February 2011 Tony Mott: Rock'n'Roll Photography is the New Trainspotting and Simone Tops: Beautiful Beast Opening Event Photos

Tony Mott: A photographer with no real job description interviewed for the August 2009 issue of ProPhoto 6 December, 2010 - Published by bruce usher

Tony Mott Talking About One Of Queen's Parties

Australian Traveller - 31.03.2011 - How to be a rock photographer - Five mintues with legendary Sydney rock'n'roll photographer Tony Mott

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Meanwhile here are some pages from Tony's book, "Rock and Roll Photography is the new Trainspotting".

Book images

trainspotting1 trainspotting1-29.jpg trainspotting2 trainspotting2-30.jpg trainspotting7 trainspotting7-31.jpg trainspotting9 trainspotting9-32.jpg


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